About MadModesty

MadModesty is a "one-girl-business": I do it all myself! My name is Veronique and I studied graphic design at Saint Luke college in Brussels where I mastered in Illustration.Back in 2006 I visited an anime convention after learning about Japanese fashion. I really got the taste for it here and started designing and creating clothing and accessories inspired by Japanese fashion! This led to the start of a small webshop in 2008 to try things out, from where Madmodesty grew as my brand in 2014. My main inspiration is Japanese art and fashion styles. Between 2008 and 2016 you could find me at different anime conventions in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany but starting 2017 MadModesty is an online-only brand. I will still be visiting conventions to stay in the loop and follow up on fashion and friends alike! 

The MadModesty product range

All MadModesty items are designed and created by me! I work with quality materials and always make sure the clothing, accessories, paper goods, decoration and other goods look vivid and colorful! Aside from what you can find in my shop, my passion and specialisation lie in manga portraits. I'm quite sure you'll find what you need right here. Be it kawaii clothing, a fun mug or unique broche

If you're curious about how everything is made or want to check out what I'm up to, check out my blog! 
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